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Has Your Building Been Closed for Weeks? Flush the Water Pipes

Simpson Water delivers drinking water through a network of pipes to your business. After the water flows through the meter, building owners are responsible for maintaining water quality.

As buildings reopen, businesses, schools and property management teams will begin restarting systems that have been empty or under used. Properly flushing plumbing is essential before reoccupying.

Flushing water lines and water using appliances, is an easy way to ensure that high water quality is maintained. It moves older water, that has been sitting in the pipes, out of the building and brings in fresh water.

Flushing is easy, follow the steps below.


Simpson Water, American Water Works Association and water utilities nationwide will observe Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role tap water plays in daily life, the infrastructure that is required to carry it to and from homes and businesses, and the important work of water professionals “behind the scenes”.

Reliable water service used for hygiene, hydration and cooking is critical to our health and safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Health organizations recommend that normal hygienic practices, including handwashing for 20 seconds, may play an important role in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

“Drinking Water Week provides an opportunity to recognize our most valuable resource and the team who delivers quality on tap 24/7. We can’t minimize the importance of a healthy water supply in our daily lives,” said John Dix, SCWD General Manager. “During these difficult times, we reflect on the heroic work of all who place themselves in harm’s way to keep us healthy and safe. Simpson Water encourages everyone to be actively aware of how they personally connect with water.”

Drinking Water Week 2020 Campaign, which is hosted by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), is a national advocacy event designed to focus on issues associated with drinking water, including making sure that individuals have fresh, safe tap water and knowledge of how valuable the resource is in their daily lives. Tap water plays a critical role in the success of society, from meeting basic public health needs by providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, to promoting dental health and supporting industrial, agricultural, medical, and recreational activities.

“We are proud of our team at Simpson Water who work around the clock to bring safe, reliable water to residences and businesses, testing the water 130,000 times a month to ensure quality,” Dix added, “This week gives us the opportunity to recognize their commitment to customers, quality service and public health.”


 Today we remind ourselves that we are thankful for all the heroes that push forward to care for the community, thank you.  Those everyday heroes include our team at Warren, Simpson and Butler Water providing water and wastewater services 24/7.  At our utilities, we are strongly committed to protecting public health. 

Over the last 100 years, improvements in the health, success, and lifespan of the U.S. population can be linked to improvements in water quality. Providing safe drinking water was one of the most important public health achievements of the 20th century. Water treatment and disinfection has helped ensure access to healthy and safe water for millions of Americans.

“Our team of dedicated employees understand their vital role as operators in providing water and wastewater services. Our employees care, taking on additional duties and extending further measures to fulfill our mission daily,” stated General Manager John Dix. “The appreciation of our team of professionals is even greater during this difficult time as they work hard to defeat the spread of COVID-19.”

Simpson Water Reduces Hours of Operation Due to COVID-19 Precautions

Effective immediately, Simpson Water will be limiting operating hours for drive through window services due to COVID-19 precautions.  Simpson Water will offer drive through window services on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m. As announced last week, our lobby will remain closed to public access. Customers are encouraged to make payments by utilizing our website, text, or automated phone system. Payments may also be deposited in our after hours payment box located in our drive through.

Simpson Water has equipped our front-line employees with additional supplies to keep thier hands and work areas clean throughout the day.  To avoid unnecessary contact, we encourage all customers to take advantage of our online services. For payments, questions, or other services, please visit or call 270-598-9926.

Thank you for your patience as we stay committed to providing water 24/7, while keeping the safety and health of the community our top priority.

College Scholarship Deadline Extended to May 15, 2020

The Simpson County Water District continues to promote education in the water supply field and as a part of its overall community involvement efforts by offering a scholarship each year.

The $1,000 scholarship is renewable for four years, as long as requirements are maintained. The scholarship program is administered by the College Heights Foundation at Western Kentucky University and the application submission deadline has been extended to May 15, 2020.  To learn more and/or to submit an application visit

Simpson Water Suspends Turn Offs Temporarily Amid Health Concerns Over the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Simpson Water continues to monitor the Coronavirus crisis on a regular basis. We recognize that access to clean water for washing hands is a vital component in reducing the spread of the virus. Because of this, we have decided to suspend turn offs for non-payment.

This is a temporary measure and customers are still responsible for paying their water bill. Simpson Water will continue to work with customers who can’t pay by the due date. Customers needing to discuss payment options should contact us at 270.598.9926.

To continue our efforts in protecting our community and employees, Simpson Water will also be closing our lobby to public access. Payments can be made through our payment portal on our website, by text, by phone through our automated system, or our drive through window and night deposit box. Additional information regarding other Simpson Water services can be found at We appreciate your consideration during these difficult times.

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