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Water Quality

Providing you with safe, clean drinking water at the lowest rates possible is our top priority. Simpson County Water District takes pride in the fact that our water exceeds the extensive requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources. Simpson Water purchases most of its water from White House Utility District (WHUD) in Tennessee, which draws water from Old Hickory Lake and treats it in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Both utilities work in close partnership to ensure constant high-quality water to customers and strive to keep rates low. We test the purity of the water an average of 100 times each month.

Each year, Simpson Water publishes a Water Quality Reports to provide you with detailed information about your water quality. The links below provide the Water Quality Reports from the last four years. Of course, should you have any questions about your water and our efforts to ensure top quality, please call us at (270) 598-9926.

Disinfection Byproducts

Disinfection, sometimes referred to loosely as chlorination, is a necessary part of the water treatment process. Disinfection is typically done by adding small amounts of a chlorine-based disinfectant to water. It destroys water-borne microbes, bacteria, and viruses – organisms that can cause serious illnesses or death. Typhoid and cholera, which have killed hundreds of thousands of people in global epidemics, have been controlled in the United States through the addition of disinfectant to drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the quality of drinking water on a federal level. Its regulations cover acceptable, safe levels of microorganisms, disinfectant, and disinfection byproducts.


Lead is a naturally occuring metal that is all around us. It was used many years in paints, plumbing and other products found in and around homes. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that lead can cause health problems if it accumulates in a person’s body over time. While lead in tap water is rarely the single cause of lead poisoning, it can increase a person’s total lead exposure.

High levels of lead in your household drinking water can have significant health impacts, especially for children and pregnant women. Simpson Water tests for lead every three years and has never exceeded the EPA action level.

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